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The World Begins With You

グループ展 「phiria」

Was an epic fail for me…
1.) Lost my debit card
2.) Turned in my 8 page paper hours late (albeit same day)…grade for it= automatic 0 worth 25% of my grade
3.) Told my mom that I will be seeing a counselor for my anxiety issues. She condemned me for it, you “can just get over it.” (Btw, I don’t want medicine or anything, I hate taking any kind of medication! I just wanted someone to talk to)
4.) Made one of my best friends upset
5.) My stepdad had illustrated his embarrassment & disappointment in me.
6.) My sister took my smoothie!! T_T

Although… I did get to draw today, and listen to music. Plus I did received some cupcakes. I am pretty grateful for those moments. Oh! I did have a wonderful conversation with my mom. I guess my day wasn’t too terrible :3 
I hope your day was nice! :D

Have you ever…

Just been studying…and writing papers…and doing homework…ALL DAY LONG!!! D:< 


HAL the movie

So I’ve just finished watching this beautiful film! I’m adding it to the list of bittersweet movies. What first caught my attention was just the art! I mean this film is just visually appealing, just look at this:

I could stare at that for longer than I choose to admit. I thought the film’s pacing was nice, and I thought the plot was done well. WHAT GETS ME THOUGH is that in every description of this movie, and even in the very beginning you are already being spun into the web of the story….

I was deceived by you q01… however, I wouldn’t have changed it! Quite the refreshing twist on things! Hahaha! :D


Tohru Honda is my inspiration to be a better person

I missed…

The Legend of Korra…. Noooooo!!!!

P.s. I’m thinking of doing another giveaway for Snk/Aot, but this time for box set #2. But I’m not sure, a lot of people didn’t like the dub (I thought the dub was okay :], even though I liked the sub better). Anyways is it even worth it? Let me know! :3

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why are there some lipsticks like $30 please calm down you glorified red crayon

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